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A Day on Safari

Most traveling is done in the early hours of the morning, when it is cool and we are most likely to see wildlife. Riding camels accompany us, carrying light refreshments, your personal day packs and the breakfast – which we normally stop for around  midmorning, often to the concert of Samburu warriors herding or watering their cattle “come hither” they sing “the water is pure”  

Meanwhile, the camp is packed up and loaded onto the camels. They soon catch up with us and we continue walking with the whole camel train, generally finding a place to camp after mid-day. The camels are then relieved of their burdens and set free to browse for the rest of the day. After a good lunch, the afternoon is yours to do as you like – often a siesta is called for, lulled by the clunk of the wooden camel bells, or a game of rounders or football in the lugga.

Wild Frontiers Safaris: Full Safari

When the heat of the day subsides, the sleeping arrangements are made, consisting of comfortable mosquito proof beds in tents or under the stars. The cool of the evening is perfect for an evening stroll or climbing a rocky outcrop to admire the views and absorb the total tranquility of the bush at dusk. On return to camp hot showers are available and the camels are settled for the night as we sit around the fire with our evening drinks waiting for dinner to be served by candle light.

Wild Frontiers Safaris: Camp at Motio

The thrill of falling asleep under the vast bowl of a silent universe, a billion stars bright as diamonds; to hear the crack of a twig under an elephants foot; or to feel the distant roar of the lion these are the ingredients that make this a safari you will never forget. Treat yourself to a holiday tailored to your needs and leave your cares and worries behind. You are in good hands!

"you have opened a whole new dimension of what a good happy and fulfilling life means".