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luxury to all the senses

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Helen Douglas-Dufresne
Box 93, Naro Moru, 10105, Kenya
Sat: tel +88216 43334103

"I have an image in my head of us raging on attempting to communicate to anyone who will listen, just how amazing this safari has been! No amount of babble can describe the energy and effort that has been put into this adventure. Every day has been such fun and relaxing. Each day's camp was always such a nice surprise, and so comfortable. Fabulous food and excellent wine."
Ndoto Peaks
Wild frontiers promises an EXCITING and UNUSUAL holiday...

We have one request of our guests: Please remember that you are a welcome guest in this unspoilt tribal country where few tourists have the honour of visiting. We ask you to respect the dignity of the local people you meet en route by not photographing or bartering with them. Of course you may photograph our traditional Samburu guides.