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Milgis SunriseWild Frontiers Kenya Camel Safaris

WILD FRONTIERS offers adventure walking safaris in and around the scenic Matthews and Ndoto Mountain Ranges of northern Kenya. It is the fiercely beautiful and still unspoilt country of the Samburu and Rendille nomadic people. Proud, happy, friendly they defy the modern world to go about their traditional business and still cherish the customs and colourful ceremonies of their ancestors.

These northern mountains rise dramatically to heights of nearly 9000 feet, out of semi-arid country. They are capped in cool highland forest and drained by crystal-clear streams that end up in huge, 1km wide luggas.  Every nomad and wild animal for 100’s miles knows they will find water under the brown sand of the famous Milgis and Seiya luggas, no matter how dry the season.

Describing our safaris is always difficult, so we have turned to the visitors book for help..

"truly untouched piece of wilderness, far far away from the rest of the world, a place where eternity does exist"
Below Aldera Mountain
"Ahhhh! aching feet and smiling hearts! We could not have had a better time!! Each day was a true pleasure full of great sights, sounds and smells! Leaving full of peace and wonder.. What a treat to have great stories by the fire and the light of the full moon...So much laughter!!"

Using camels to carry camping gear and supplies enables us to travel in style in this rugged and relatively unexplored country. These are walking safaris but one or two riding camels are always available, terrain permitting. Porters are called in when one of the striking peaks is our destination and it is too steep and cold for the ‘ships of the desert’.